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Cognitive Dissonance - • Rewarding and solidifying new...

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Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger) Contradicting or clashing thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, or perceptions that cause discomfort We need to have consistency in our thoughts, perceptions, and images of ourselves Underlies attempts to convince ourselves we did the right thing Justification: Degree to which one’s actions are explained by rewards or other circumstances Brainwashing Brainwashing: Engineered or forced attitude change requiring a captive audience Generally three steps to brainwash someone: Unfreezing: Loosening of former values and convictions Change: When the brainwashed person abandons former beliefs Refreezing:
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Unformatted text preview: • Rewarding and solidifying new attitudes and beliefs Cults Authoritarian group in which the leader ’ s personality is more important than the beliefs s/he preaches Group professes great devotion to a person or people and follows that person/people almost without question Cult members usually victimized by the leader(s) Will try to recruit potential converts at a time of need, especially when a sense of belonging is most attractive to potential converts Look for college students and young adults Some examples of cults: People ’ s Temple and Jim Jones, Heaven ’ s Gate, Branch Davidians, Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda...
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