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Competence - – Marked by high levels of interpersonal...

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Competence People who are competent have knowledge, ability, or proficiency We are more attracted to people who are talented or competent When all else is equal Similarity Similarity: Extent to which two people are alike in terms of age, education, attitudes, and so on Similar people are attracted to each other Homogamy: Tendency to marry someone who is like us in almost every way Self-Disclosure Process of revealing private thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and one s personal history to others Reciprocity: Return in kind; reciprocal exchange Overdisclosure: Self-disclosure that exceeds what is appropriate for a relationship or social situation Love and Attachment Romantic Love:
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Unformatted text preview: – Marked by high levels of interpersonal attraction, sexual desire, and heightened arousal Liking: – Relationship based on intimacy and affection but lacking passion or deep commitment Mutual Absorption: – When two lovers almost always attend only to each other Evolutionary Psychology: – Study of the evolutionary origins of human behavior patterns Evolutionary Psychology Influences sexual attraction and mate selection Buss (2004; 2007) found that men prefer younger, more attractive partners And women prefer older, higher status, more successful partners – Preferences may have evolved because of specific reproductive challenges faced by men and women...
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