Desensitization - Desensitization Hierarchy Rank-ordered...

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Desensitization Hierarchy: Rank-ordered series of steps, amounts, levels, or degrees Reciprocal Inhibition: One emotional state is used to block another For example, impossible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time Systematic Desensitization Guided reduction in fear, anxiety, or aversion Attained by approaching a feared stimulus gradually while maintaining relaxation Best used to treat phobias Phobias: Intense, unrealistic fears Desensitization (Continued) Tension-Release Method: Procedure for systematically achieving deep relaxation of the body Vicarious Desensitization: Reduction in fear or anxiety that takes place secondhand when a client watches models perform the feared behavior Model: Live or filmed person who serves as an example for observational learning Virtual Reality Exposure Presents computerized fear stimuli to patients in a realistic, yet carefully
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Desensitization - Desensitization Hierarchy Rank-ordered...

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