Dreams - images • Symbolization Non-literal expression of...

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Dreams Most people dream four or five times a night Not everyone remembers dreams Most dreams reflect everyday events Most people report more unpleasant dreams, but these may be easier to remember Dream Theories Psychodynamic (Freudian) Theory: Emphasizes internal conflicts, motives, and unconscious forces Wish Fulfillment: Freudian belief that many dreams are expressions of unconscious desires Much evidence to refute this Dream Symbols: Images that have a deeper symbolic meaning Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis Dream content may be affected by motor commands in the brain during sleep that are not carried out Freud: Four dream processes (mental filters) that hide true meanings of dreams Condensation: Combining several people, objects, or events into a single dream image Displacement: Directing emotions or actions toward safe or unimportant dream
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Unformatted text preview: images • Symbolization: Non-literal expression of dream content • Secondary Elaboration: Making a dream more logical and adding details while remembering it Perls’ Views on Dreams • Most dreams are a special message about what is missing in our lives, what we avoid doing when awake, or feelings that we need to re-own • Dreams fill in gaps in our personal experience Lucid Dreaming • Person feels fully awake within the dream and feels capable of normal thought and action • Can be used for creative problem-solving Hypnosis • Altered state of consciousness characterized by intensely narrowed attention and increased openness to suggestion – Mesmer: • Believed he could cure diseases by passing magnets over body • True “animal magnetism” (“mesmerize” means to hypnotize) – Must cooperate to become hypnotized...
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Dreams - images • Symbolization Non-literal expression of...

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