Empathy Concepts - Weapons effect: Observation that weapons...

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Empathy Concepts Empathic arousal: Emotional arousal that occurs when you feel some of the person’s pain, fear or anguish Empathy-helping relationship: We are most likely to help person in need when we feel emotions such as empathy and compassion Aggression Hurting another person or achieving one’s goals at the expense of another person Attempt to get one’s way no matter what No regard for other people's feelings Ethologists Study natural behavior patterns of animals Believe that aggression is innate in all animals, including humans Appears to be a relationship between aggression and hypoglycemia, allergy, and certain brain injuries and disorders Certain brain areas can trigger or end aggressive behavior Frustration-aggression hypothesis: Frustration tends to lead to aggression Aggression cues: Signals that are associated with aggression
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Unformatted text preview: Weapons effect: Observation that weapons serve as strong cues for aggressive behavior Social Learning Theory (Bandura) Social learning theory: Combines learning principles with cognitive processes, socialization and modeling to explain behavior No instinctive (innate) desires for shooting guns, knife fights and so on Aggression must be learned Aggressive Pornography Depictions in which violence, threats, or obvious power differences are used to force someone (usually a woman) to engage in sex Social Learning Theory (Bandura) Disinhibition: Removal of inhibition; results in acting-out behavior that normally would be restrained Television seems to be able to cause desensitization to violence Desensitization: Reduced emotional sensitivity...
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Empathy Concepts - Weapons effect: Observation that weapons...

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