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Experimenter Effects Changes in behavior caused by the unintended influence of the experimenter Robert Rosenthal (1973) Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: A prediction that leads people to act in ways to make the prediction come true Naturalistic Observation Observing a person or an animal in the natural environmental context Provides descriptions of behavior e.g., Jane Goodall Naturalistic Observation Problems Observer Effect: Changes in behavior caused by an awareness of being observed Observer Bias: Occurs when observers see what they expect to see or record only selected details Anthropomorphic Error
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Unformatted text preview: • Attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals, especially as a way of explaining their behavior – e.g., “Java, my dog, is acting like that because he’s feeling depressed today.” Correlational Studies • Determine the degree of a relationship between two events, measures, or variables • Correlation Coefficient: – Statistic ranging from –1.00 to +1.00; • the sign indicates the direction of the relationship – Closer the statistic is to –1.00 or to +1.00, the stronger the relationship – Correlation of 0.00 demonstrates no relationship between the variables...
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