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Freudian Dynamics of Personality and Anxieties

Freudian Dynamics of Personality and Anxieties - Material...

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Freudian Dynamics of Personality and Anxieties Ego is always caught in the middle of battles between superego’s desires for moral behavior and the id’s desires for immediate gratification Neurotic Anxiety: Caused by id impulses that the ego can barely control Moral Anxiety: Comes from threats of punishment from the superego Freud: Levels of Awareness Unconscious: Holds repressed memories and emotions and the id’s instinctual drives Conscious: Everything you are aware of at a given moment (e.g., thoughts, perceptions, feelings) Preconscious:
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Unformatted text preview: Material that can easily be brought into awareness Freudian Personality Development • Develops in stages; everyone goes through same stages in same order • Majority of personality is formed before age six • At each stage, a part of the child’s body becomes the primary erogenous zone – Erogenous Zone: • Area on body capable of producing pleasure • Freud believed adult personalities could be traced to fixations in one or more of the stages – Fixation: • Unresolved conflict or emotional hang-up caused by overindulgence or frustration...
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