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Freudian Personality Development

Freudian Personality Development - • Girl loves her...

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Freudian Personality Development: Anal Stage Ages 1–3 Attention turns to process of elimination Child can gain approval or express aggression by letting go or holding on Ego develops Harsh or lenient toilet training can make a child: Anal Retentive: Stubborn, stingy, orderly, and compulsively clean Anal Expulsive: Disorderly, messy, destructive, or cruel Freudian Personality Development: Phallic Stage Ages 3–6 Child now notices and is physically attracted to opposite sex parent Can lead to: Oedipus conflict Electra conflict Oedipus Conflict For boys only Boy feels rivalry with his father for his mother’s affection Boy may feel threatened by father (castration anxiety) To resolve, boy must identify with his father (i.e., become more like him and adopt his heterosexual beliefs) Electra Conflict
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Unformatted text preview: • Girl loves her father and competes with her mother • Girl identifies with her mother more slowly because she already feels castrated – Both concepts are rejected today by most psychologists Latency and Genital Stages • Latency: – Ages 6–Puberty – Psychosexual development is dormant – Same-sex friendships and play occur here • Genital Stage: – Puberty-on – Realization of full adult sexuality occurs here – Sexual urges re-awaken Comments on Freud’s Theories • Freud was first to suggest that first years of life, feeding, toilet training, and early sexual experiences shaped adult personality • Among first to propose development via a series of stages • Freud’s theories are criticized because they are impossible to test scientifically...
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Freudian Personality Development - • Girl loves her...

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