Gender Identity - – Results The students consistently...

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Gender Identity Gender Role Socialization: The process of learning gender behaviors regarded as appropriate for one’s sex in a given culture Biological Biasing Effect: Prenatal androgens and estrogens subtly influence development of body, nervous system, and later behavior patterns Gender Roles Sometimes known as sex roles Defined as favored pattern of behavior for males and females E.g. girls are expected to be sensitive and boys dominant Gender Role Stereotypes: Oversimplified beliefs (stereotypes) about what men and women are really like Gender roles appear to be learned Gender Disparity Caucasian women earn only about 76 cents for every dollar earned by men (NAFE, 2004) Rate for women of color is worse 65 cents for black women and 55 cents for Latinas In a study, college students rated a woman and a man who were equally successful in a traditionally “male” job
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Unformatted text preview: – Results: The students consistently like high-performing women less than they did men with identical jobs and achievements • In many cultures women do the heavy work because men are considered too weak for it (Best, 2002) “Female” and “Male” Behaviors • Instrumental Behaviors: – Goal-directed behaviors • Expressive Behaviors: – Expresses or communicates emotion or personal feelings Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) and Androgyny • BSRI: Created by Sandra Bem – Consists of 60 personal traits, 20 each for “masculine,” “feminine,” and “neutral” • Androgyny: – Having both masculine and feminine traits in a single person – Androgynous individuals are more adaptable in our society (Bem) • Rigid gender stereotypes can restrict behavior, especially that of males (Bem) • heterosexism...
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Gender Identity - – Results The students consistently...

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