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Gordon Allport (1961) and Traits Allport identified several kinds of common personality traits Common Traits: Characteristics shared by most members of a culture Individual Traits: Define a person’s unique personal qualities Allport made the distinction between cardinal, central, and secondary traits Cardinal Traits: So basic that all of a person’s activities can be traced back to the trait Central Traits: Core qualities of an individual’s personality Secondary Traits: Inconsistent or superficial aspects of a person Raymond Cattell and Traits Cattell measured surface traits of a large number of people in an attempt to determine whether a personality trait is central or secondary Surface Traits: Features that make up the visible areas of personality
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Unformatted text preview: • Visible or observable traits • Source Traits: – Underlying characteristics of a personality – Each one is reflected in many surface traits Cattell’s 16PF • Cattell used factor analysis to look for connections among traits – Factor Analysis: • A statistical technique used to correlate multiple measurements and identify underlying factors • Cattell also created 16PF , personality test – Gives a “picture” of an individual’s personality – Produces trait profile, or graph of person’s score on each trait The “Big Five” Personality Factors (Cattell) • A system that identifies the five most basic dimensions of personality – Extroversion – Agreeableness – Conscientious – Neuroticism – Openness to experience...
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Gordon Allport - • Visible or observable traits •...

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