Group Factors in Conformity

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Group Factors in Conformity Groupthink: Compulsion by decision makers to maintain each other s approval, even at the cost of critical thinking Group Sanctions: Rewards and punishments administered by groups to enforce conformity Unanimity: Unanimous agreement Compliance Bending to the requests of one person who has little or no authority or other form of social power Three factors that determine whether a person will comply with a request: The Foot-in-the-Door Effect The Door-in-the-Face Effect The Low-Ball Technique Foot-in-the-Door Effect A person who has agreed to a small request is more likely later to agree to a larger demand Once you get a foot in the door, then a sale is almost a sure thing
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Unformatted text preview: Door-in-the-Face Technique A person who has refused a major request will be more likely later on to comply with a smaller request – After the door has been slammed in your face (major request refused), person may be more likely to agree to a smaller request Low-Ball Technique Commitment is gained first to reasonable or desirable terms, which are then made less reasonable or desirable – Henry accepts the price he states for a new car; then later Tillie the saleswoman tells Henry, “ The business would lose too much money on that price; can ’ t you take a bit less and add all these options? ”...
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