Intergroup Conflict - complete a problem or prepare for a...

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Intergroup Conflict Social stereotypes: Oversimplified images of people who belong to a particular social group Symbolic prejudice: Prejudice expressed in a disguised fashion Prejudice is socially unacceptable but people will still express prejudice in disguised form Status inequalities: Differences in power, prestige, or privileges of two or more people or groups Equal-status contact: Social interaction that occurs on equal level, without obvious differences in power or status Superordinate goal: Goal that exceeds or overrides all other goals, making other goals less important Mutual interdependence: When two or more people must depend on each other to meet each person’s goals Jigsaw classroom: Each student only gets a piece of information needed to
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Unformatted text preview: complete a problem or prepare for a test. In order to succeed and get all pieces, students must all work together Multiculturalism Gives equal status to different ethnic, racial, and cultural groups How to Break Stereotypes Seek individuating information Information that helps us see a person as an individual and not as a member of a group or as a social category Dont believe just-world beliefs Belief that people generally get what they deserve More Ways to Break Stereotypes Note self-fulfilling prophecies: Expectation that prompts people to act in ways that make expectation come true Different does not mean inferior Avoid social competition: Rivalry among groups, each of which regards itself as superior to others...
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Intergroup Conflict - complete a problem or prepare for a...

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