Key Features of Psychotherapy

Key Features of Psychotherapy - Avoid giving advice Accept...

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Key Features of Psychotherapy Therapeutic Alliance: Caring relationship between the client and therapist Therapy offers a protected setting where emotional catharsis (release) can occur All the therapies offer some explanation or rationale for the client’s suffering Provides clients with a new perspective about themselves or their situations and a chance to practice new behaviors Future of Psychotherapy Increase in short-term therapy and solution-focused, problem-solving approaches More therapy will be provided by master’s-level practitioners Use of low-cost internet and telephone counseling and self-help groups will grow Use of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts will decrease Basic Counseling Skills Active listening Clarify the problem Focus on feelings
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Unformatted text preview: Avoid giving advice Accept the clients frame of reference Reflect thoughts and feelings Silence: Know when to use it Questions Open: open-ended reply Closed: can be answered Yes or No Maintain confidentiality Culturally Skilled Therapists: Professionals who are trained to work with clients from various cultural backgrounds Medical (Somatic) Therapies Pharmacotherapy: Use of drugs to alleviate emotional disturbance; three classes: Anxiolytics (Antianxiety): Like Valium; produce relaxation or reduce anxiety Antidepressants: Elevate mood and combat depression Antipsychotics (Major Tranquilizers): Tranquilize and also reduce hallucinations and delusions in larger dosages...
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Key Features of Psychotherapy - Avoid giving advice Accept...

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