Learned Helplessness - – Stress from college work and...

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Learned Helplessness (Seligman) Acquired (learned) inability to overcome obstacles and avoid aversive stimuli Learned passivity and inactivity to aversive stimuli Occurs when events appear to be uncontrollable May feel helpless if failure is attributed to lasting, general factors Depression State of feeling despondent defined by feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness One of the most common mental problems in the world Childhood depression is dramatically increasing Some symptoms: Loss of appetite or sex drive, decreased activity, sleeping too much There are similarities between depression and learned helplessness How to “Unlearn” Helplessness Mastery Training: Responses are reinforced that lead to mastery of a threat or control over one’s environment One method to combat learned helplessness and depression Depression in Students May be due to:
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Unformatted text preview: – Stress from college work and pressure to choose a career – Isolation and loneliness – Problems with studying and grades – Breakup of an intimate relationship – Finding it hard to live up to idealized image of themselves – Abuse of alcohol (depressant) How to Recognize Depression (Beck) You have a consistently negative opinion of yourself You engage in frequent self-criticism and self-blame You place negative interpretations on events that usually would not bother you The future looks grim You can’t handle your responsibilities and feel overwhelmed Differentiate between Type A and Type B personalities List ways Type A personalities can reduce their feelings of hostility Describe the hardy personality, including how this personality views the world and how happiness, optimism, and social support are related to hardiness...
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Learned Helplessness - – Stress from college work and...

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