Long - • Skill Memory – Procedural • Long-term...

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Long-Term Memory Long term memories are relatively permanent Constructive Processing: Updating long-term memories on basis of logic, guessing, or new information Pseudomemories: False long-term memories that a person believes are true or accurate Network Model: LTM is organized as a network of linked ideas Redintegrative Memory Memories that are reconstructed or expanded by starting with one memory and then following chains of association to related memories Types of Long-Term Memories
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Unformatted text preview: • Skill Memory – Procedural: • Long-term memories of conditioned responses and learned skills – e.g., driving • Fact Memory: – Declarative: • Part of LTM that contains factual information More Types of Long-Term Memories • Fact Memory: – Semantic Memory: • Impersonal facts and everyday knowledge • Subset of declarative memory – Episodic: • Personal experiences linked with specific times and places • Subset of declarative memory...
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Long - • Skill Memory – Procedural • Long-term...

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