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Measuring Memory - – Usually superior to recall •...

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Measuring Memory Tip-of-the Tongue (TOT): Feeling that a memory is available but not quite retrievable Feeling of Knowing: The ability to determine if you are likely to remember something Recall: To supply or reproduce memorized information with a minimum of external cues Serial Position Effect Hardest to recall items in the middle of a list Usually easiest to remember last items in a list because they are still in STM Recognition Memory: Ability to correctly identify previously learned material
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Unformatted text preview: – Usually superior to recall • Distractors: – False items included with a correct item – Wrong choices on multiple-choice tests • False Positive: – False sense of recognition Relearning • Learning again something that was previously learned – Used to measure memory of prior learning – Most sensitive measure of memory • Savings Score: – Amount of time saved when relearning information...
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