Modeling or Observational Learning

Modeling or Observational Learning - likely to behave...

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Modeling or Observational Learning (Albert Bandura) Occurs by watching and imitating actions of another person or by noting consequences of a person’s actions Occurs before direct practice is allowed Model: Someone who serves as an example Steps to Successful Modeling Pay attention to model and remember what was done Reproduce modeled behavior If a model is successful or his/her behavior is rewarded, behavior more likely to recur Once response is tried, normal reinforcement determines whether it will be repeated Bandura created modeling theory with classic Bo-Bo Doll (inflatable clown) experiments Modeling and the Media TV viewers are exposed to a lot of media violence If large groups of children watch a great deal of violence on TV or video games, they are more
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Unformatted text preview: likely to behave aggressively Self-Managed Behavior Premack Principle: Any high frequency response used to reinforce a low frequency response (e.g., no music or television until you finish your homework) Self-Recording: Self-management based on keeping records of response frequencies How to Break Bad Habits Alternate Responses: Try to get the same reinforcement with a new response Extinction: Try to discover what is reinforcing an unwanted response and remove, avoid, or delay the reinforcement Response Chains: Break up the chain of events that leads to an undesired response Cues and Antecedents: Try to avoid, narrow down, or remove stimuli that elicit the bad habit...
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Modeling or Observational Learning - likely to behave...

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