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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #7 Chapter 20 1. Describe the desirable qualities in sandwich bread; provide examples of specific types of bread well suited for preparing sandwiches; and list six measures that can be taken to ensure freshness in bread. Sandwich bread should enhance the sandwich with variety, texture, flavor, and eye appeal. Examples of bread: Whole wheat, cracked wheat, pita bread, raisin bread, focaccia, fruit and nut breads. 1. Daily delivery, ensures freshness 2. Keep bread tightly wrapped in moisture proof wrapping 3. French bread and other hard-crusted bread should not be wrapped 4. Store at room temperature
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Unformatted text preview: 5. If bread must be kept for more than one day, freeze it 6. Day old bread may be used for toasting 2. State three purposes of sandwich spreads; and identify guidelines for the use of butter and mayonnaise as spreads. 1. protects bread from soaking up moisture from filling 2. to add flavor 3. to add moisture To use butter: must be soft enough not to tear the bread To use Mayonnaise: should be served immediately after spreading Mayonnaise 3. Identify the most popular types of sandwich fillings. Meats and Poultry Cheese Fish and Shellfish Mayonnaise-based salads Miscellaneous Score: 5/5...
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