More Stage Hypnosis - Mindfulness Meditation: Based on...

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More Stage Hypnosis “Tricks of the Trade” Hypnotist as Director: Once they are in a trance, the “volunteers” are suddenly the show’s stars, and they will act like it; the hypnotist only needs to direct them Stage Hypnotists Use Tricks: Stage hypnosis is 50% deception and 50% taking advantage of the situation Conclusion: Stage hypnotists entertain; they rarely hypnotize Meditation Mental exercise designed to focus attention and interrupt flow of thoughts, worries, and analyses Concentrative Meditation: Attention is paid to a single focal point (i.e., object, thought, etc.) Produces relaxation response and thus works to reduce stress
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Unformatted text preview: Mindfulness Meditation: Based on widening attention span to become aware of everything experienced at a given moment More on Meditation Mantra: Word(s) or sound(s) repeated silently during concentrative meditation Relaxation Response: Occurs at time of relaxation; innate physiological pattern that opposes bodys fight or flight responses Sensory Deprivation (SD) Any major reduction in amount or variety of sensory stimulation Benefits Sensory enhancement Relaxation Changing habits Benefits called REST: Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy...
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More Stage Hypnosis - Mindfulness Meditation: Based on...

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