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Obedience (Milgram) A type of conformity to the demands of an authority figure Would you shock a man with a known heart condition who is screaming and asking to be released? Milgram studied obedience The man with a heart condition was an accomplice and the teacher was a real volunteer The goal was to teach the learner word pairs The learner was attached to a shock machine The teacher believes he/she is administering shocks to learner The researcher is telling the teacher to administer shocks to the learner
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Unformatted text preview: Milgram’s Shocking Results 65 percent obeyed by going all the way to 450 volts on the “ shock machine ” even though the learner eventually could not answer any more questions – The learner screamed and provided no further answers once 300 volts ( “ severe shock ” ) was reached Group support can reduce destructive obedience Distance between the teacher and the learner was important Distance from authority also had an effect...
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