Operant Reinforcers - Feedback and Knowledge of Results...

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Operant Reinforcers Primary Reinforcer: Nonlearned and natural; satisfies physiological needs Example: food, water, sex Intracranial Stimulation (ICS): Natural primary reinforcer Involves direct electrical activation of brain’s “pleasure centers” Secondary Reinforcer: Learned reinforcer Example: money, grades, approval, praise Token Reinforcer: Tangible secondary reinforcer Example: money, gold stars, poker chips Don’t lose value quickly like primary reinforcers Used with troubled children, adults in special programs, and elementary schools Social Reinforcer: Provided by other people Example: learned desires for attention and approval
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Unformatted text preview: Feedback and Knowledge of Results Information about the effect a response had Important in human learning Knowledge of Results (KR): Increased feedback Informational Feedback is most effective when it is frequent, immediate, and detailed Programmed Instruction Information is presented in small amounts, gives immediate practice, and provides continuous feedback Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI): Learning is aided by computer-presented information and exercises Educational Simulations: Explore imaginary situations or microworld that simulates real-world problems Example: The Sims computer simulation...
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Operant Reinforcers - Feedback and Knowledge of Results...

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