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Origins of Therapy - 1793 – Created the first mental...

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Origins of Therapy Trepanning: For primitive “therapists,” refers to boring, chipping, or bashing holes into a patient’s head For modern usage, refers to any surgical procedure in which a hole is bored into the skull In primitive times it was unlikely the patient would survive This may have been a goal Presumably purpose was to relieve pressure or rid the person of evil spirits Origins of Therapy (Continued) Demonology: Study of demons and people beset by spirits People were possessed, and they needed an exorcism to be cured Exorcism: Practice of driving off an “evil spirit”; still practiced today! Ergotism: Psychotic-like condition that comes from ergot poisoning Ergot is a natural source of LSD that occurs with rye Origins of Therapy (Continued) Phillippe Pinel: French physician who initiated humane treatment of mental patients in
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Unformatted text preview: 1793 – Created the first mental hospital Psychoanalysis: Freud • Freud created psychoanalysis, which he used to treat hysteria – Hysteria: • Physical symptoms (like paralysis or numbness) occur without physiological causes • Now known as somatoform disorders • Freud became convinced that hysterias were caused by deeply hidden unconscious conflicts • Main Goal of Psychoanalysis: – To resolve internal conflicts that lead to emotional suffering Psychoanalysis • Freud developed four techniques to uncover the unconscious roots of neurosis: – Free association, dream analysis, analysis of resistance, and analysis of transference • Free Association: – Saying whatever comes to mind, regardless of how embarrassing it is – By doing so without censorship and censure, unconscious material can emerge...
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Origins of Therapy - 1793 – Created the first mental...

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