Personality and Gender

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Personality and Gender Identifying with a “masculine” or “feminine” personality Identification and imitation are important for personality development and sex training Identification: Feeling emotionally connected to admired adults, especially those who provide love and care Imitation: Desire to act like an admired person Instrumental and expressive behaviors Humanism Approach that focuses on human experience, problems, potentials, and ideals Human Nature: Traits, qualities, potentials, and behavior patterns most characteristic of humans Free Choice: Ability to choose that is NOT controlled by genetics, learning, or unconscious forces
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Unformatted text preview: More About Humanism Personality is a product of the choices you make as well as subjective experience Subjective Experience: Private perceptions of reality Self-Actualization (Maslow): Process of fully developing personal potentials Peak Experiences: Temporary moments of self-actualization Characteristics of Self-Actualizers (Maslow, 1954) Efficient perceptions of reality Comfortable acceptance of self, others, and nature Spontaneity Task centering Autonomy...
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