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Personality Assessment - • Situational Test – Real life...

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Personality Assessment Interview: Face-to-face meeting designed to gain information about someone’s personality, current psychological state, personal history, etc. Unstructured Interview: Conversation is informal, and topics are discussed as they arise Structured Interview: Follows a pre-arranged plan, using a series of planned questions Limitations of an Interview Can be swayed by preconceptions Interviewer personality can influence the interviewee Deception Halo Effect: Tendency to generalize a favorable or unfavorable first impression to unrelated details of personality (thus, make a good first impression) Other Types of Personality Assessments Direct Observation: Assessing behavior through direct surveillance May use a rating scale Behavioral Assessment: Recording the frequency of specific behaviors
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Unformatted text preview: • Situational Test: – Real life situations are simulated so that someone’s spontaneous reactions can be observed and recorded • The Apprentice and Survivor More Types of Personality Assessments! • Personality Questionnaire: – Paper-and-pencil test consisting of questions that reveal personality aspects • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2): – Widely used objective personality questionnaire How Accurate Is Assessment? • Reliability: – Does a test give close to the same score each time it is given to the same person? • Validity: – Does the test measure what it claims to measure? • Honesty (Integrity) Test: – Assumes that poor attitudes toward dishonest acts predispose a person to dishonest behavior...
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