Prejudice - Injustice Vulnerability Distrust Other Concepts...

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Prejudice Negative emotional attitude held toward members of a specific social group Discrimination: Unequal treatment of people who should have the same rights as others Scapegoating: Blaming a person or group for the actions of others or for conditions not of their making Displaced aggression Two Important Sources of Prejudice Personal Prejudice: When members of another racial or ethnic group are perceived as a threat to one s own interests Group Prejudice: Occurs when a person conforms to group norms Prejudiced Personality and Intergroup Conflict Authoritarian Personality: Marked by rigidity, inhibition, prejudice, and oversimplification ( black and white thinking) Ethnocentrism: Placing one s group at the center, usually by rejecting all other groups Social Stereotypes: Oversimplified images of people who belong to a particular social group Roots of Prejudice Triggers for hostility between groups: Shared beliefs of: Superiority
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Unformatted text preview: Injustice Vulnerability Distrust Other Concepts Relating to Prejudice • Symbolic Prejudice: – Prejudice that’s expressed in disguised fashion • Equal-Status Contact: – Social interaction that occurs on equal level, without obvious differences in power or status • Superordinate Goal: – Goal that exceeds or overrides all other goals, making other goals less important • Mutual Interdependence: – When two or more people must depend on each other to meet each person’s goals or needs Summary: – Prejudicial stereotypes tend to be very irrational Reducing Prejudice Members of different groups must have equal rights within the situation that brings them together Members of all groups must seek a common goal Group members must cooperate to reach the goal Group members must spend enough time together for cross-group friendship to develop Understand Jane Elliot's Blue Eye - Brown Eye Social Experiment...
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Prejudice - Injustice Vulnerability Distrust Other Concepts...

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