Preventing Aggression - rights as others Scapegoating:...

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Preventing Aggression Prosocial behavior: Behavior towards others that is helpful, constructive, or altruistic Anger control: Personal strategies for reducing or curbing anger How to Limit Anger Define problem as precisely as possible Make a list of possible solutions Rank likely success of each solution Choose a solution and try it Assess how successful the solution was, and make adjustments if necessary Prejudice Negative emotional attitude held toward members of a specific social group Racism: Racial prejudice that can be found in institutions (schools, etc.) and is enforced by the existing social power structure Sexism: Prejudice against men OR women, based solely on gender Ageism: Prejudice based on age Discrimination: Unequal treatment of people who should have the same
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Unformatted text preview: rights as others Scapegoating: Blaming a person or group for the actions of others or for conditions not of their making Displaced aggression: Redirecting aggression to a target other than the actual source of ones frustration Personal prejudice: When members of another racial or ethnic group are perceived as a threat to ones own interests Group prejudice: Occurs when a person conforms to group norms Prejudiced Personality Authoritarian personality: Marked by rigidity, inhibition, prejudice, and oversimplification Ethnocentrism: Placing ones group at the center, usually by rejecting all other groups Dogmatism: Unwarranted positiveness or certainty in matters of belief or opinion Difficult for dogmatic people to change their beliefs...
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Preventing Aggression - rights as others Scapegoating:...

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