Problems with Drug Therapy

Problems with Drug Therapy - • Prefrontal Lobotomy –...

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Problems with Drug Therapy Dangerous (sometimes fatal) side effects: Clozaril (clozapine): Relieves schizophrenic symptoms However, 2 out of 100 patients may suffer from a potentially fatal white blood cell disease Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): Electric shock is passed through the brain inducing a convulsion Treatment for severe depression Based on belief that seizure alleviates depression by altering brain chemistry ECT Views Produces only temporary improvement Causes permanent memory loss in some patients Should only be used as a last resort Should be followed by antidepressant medications to further prevent relapse Medical (Somatic) Therapies (Continued) Psychosurgery: Any surgical alteration of the brain
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Unformatted text preview: • Prefrontal Lobotomy: – Frontal lobes in brain are surgically cut from other brain areas – Supposed to calm people who did not respond to other forms of treatment – Was not very successful • Deep Lesioning: – Small target areas in the brain are destroyed by using an electrode Hospitalization • Mental Hospitalization: – Involves placing a person in a protected, therapeutic environment staffed by mental health professionals • Partial Hospitalization: – Patients spend only part of their time in the hospital and go home at night • Deinstitutionalization: – Reduced use of full-time commitment to mental institutions – Success has been limited...
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Problems with Drug Therapy - • Prefrontal Lobotomy –...

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