Projective Tests - • Evaluation Fears: – Fears of being...

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Projective Tests Psychological tests that use ambiguous or unstructured stimuli Person needs to describe the stimuli or make up stories about them Rorschach Technique: Developed by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach Contains 10 standardized inkblots (“the inkblot test”) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): Developed by Henry Murray, personality theorist Projective device consisting of 20 drawings (black and white cards) of various situations People must make up stories about the drawings Limitations of Projective Tests Low validity Objectivity and reliability are low Shyness Tendency to avoid others, and feeling uneasiness and strain when socializing Problems for shy individuals: Social Skills: Proficiency at interacting with others Social Anxiety: Feeling of apprehension in the presence of others
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Unformatted text preview: • Evaluation Fears: – Fears of being inadequate, embarrassed, ridiculed, or rejected – Self-Defeating Bias: • Distortion of thinking that impairs a person’s behavior Dynamics of Shy Personality • Shyness triggered by novel or unfamiliar social situations • Shyness is linked to public self-consciousness and not private self-consciousness – Private Self-Consciousness: • Preoccupation with inner feelings, thoughts, and fantasies – Public Self-Consciousness: • Intense awareness of oneself as a social object Dynamics of Shy Personality • Shyness is maintained by unrealistic or self-defeating beliefs • Getting Over Shyness: – Practice social skills – Learning to ask questions – Replace self-defeating thoughts with supportive thoughts...
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Projective Tests - • Evaluation Fears: – Fears of being...

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