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Psychological Disorders - Features of Disordered Behavior...

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Psychological Disorders Defining What Is Normal Psychopathology: Scientific study of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders Subjective Discomfort: Private feelings of anxiety, depression, or emotional distress Statistical Abnormality: Having extreme scores on some dimension, such as intelligence, anxiety, or depression Social Nonconformity: Disobeying societal standards for normal conduct; may lead to destructive or self-destructive behavior Situational Context: Social situation, behavioral setting, or general circumstances in which an action takes place Is it normal to walk naked around strangers? If you are in a locker room and in the shower area, yes! Cultural Relativity: Judgments are made relative to the values of one’s culture
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Unformatted text preview: Features of Disordered Behavior • Abnormal behavior has two core features: – Maladaptive Behavior: • Behavior that makes it difficult to function, to adapt to the environment, and to meet everyday demands – Loss of ability to adequately control thoughts, behaviors, or feelings • Mental Disorder: – Significant impairment in psychological functioning Features of Disordered Behavior (Continued) • Psychotic Disorder: – Severe psychiatric disorder characterized by hallucinations and delusions, social withdrawal, and a movement away from reality • Organic Mental Disorder: – Mental or emotional problem caused by brain pathology (e.g., brain injuries or diseases)...
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Psychological Disorders - Features of Disordered Behavior...

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