Psychology in Action - Suicide: Major Risk Factors Drug or...

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Psychology in Action Discuss the following aspects of suicide: factors that affect suicide rates, including sex, ethnicity, age, and marital status the immediate causes of suicide warning signs common characteristics of suicidal thoughts and feelings how to help someone who is suicidal crisis intervention Factors Affect Suicide Rate Gender: Men are more likely to complete suicide, but more women attempt Ethnicity: Rates vary from country to country, but Caucasians have higher suicide rates Native Americans have highest suicide rate in country Age: Suicide rates increase with age Marital Status: Married individuals have lower suicide rates
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Unformatted text preview: Suicide: Major Risk Factors Drug or alcohol abuse Prior suicide attempt Depression or other mood disorder Availability of a firearm Severe anxiety or panic attacks Family history of suicidal behavior Shame, humiliation, failure, or rejection Common Characteristics of Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings (Shneidman) Escape Unbearable Psychological Pain: Emotional pain that the person wishes to escape Frustrated Psychological Needs: Such as searching for love, achievement, or security Constriction of Options: Feeling helpless and hopeless and deciding that death is the only option left...
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Psychology in Action - Suicide: Major Risk Factors Drug or...

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