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Reactions to Frustration - • Try to identify the source...

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Reactions to Frustration Aggression: Any response made with the intention of harming a person, animal, or object Displaced Aggression: Redirecting aggression to a target other than the source of one’s frustration Scapegoating: Blaming a person or group for conditions they did not create; the scapegoat is a habitual target of displaced aggression Escape: May mean actually leaving a source of frustration (dropping out of school) or psychologically escaping (apathy) Coping with Frustration
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Unformatted text preview: • Try to identify the source of frustration – Is it external or internal • Is the source of frustration something that can be changed? – How hard would it be to change it? – Is it under your control at all? • If the source can be changed or removed, is the effort worth it? Anxiety • Feelings of tension, uneasiness, apprehension, worry, and vulnerability – We are motivated to avoid experiencing anxiety – Similar to fear but based on unclear threat...
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