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Reciprocity - desire and heightened arousal Liking...

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Reciprocity Return in kind; reciprocal exchange Overdisclosure Self-disclosure that exceeds what is appropriate for a relationship or social situation Social Exchange Theory Social exchange theory: Rewards must exceed costs for relationships to endure; we unconsciously weigh social rewards and costs Comparison level: Personal standard used to evaluate rewards and costs in a social exchange Relationship needs to be profitable enough to maintain it Love Romantic love: Marked by high levels of interpersonal attraction, sexual
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Unformatted text preview: desire, and heightened arousal Liking: Relationship based on intimacy but lacking passion and commitment Mutual absorption: When two lovers almost always attend only to each other Attachment Secure attachment: A stable and positive emotional bond Avoidant attachment: Fear of intimacy and a tendency to resist commitment to others Ambivalent attachment: Mixed emotions about relationships; conflicting feelings of affection, anger, and emotional turmoil...
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