Sex Hormones - – Inherited disorder – Male embryos fail...

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Sex Hormones Gonads: Sex glands Testes in males and ovaries in females Estrogens: Female Hormones Androgens: Male hormones Testosterone: Male sex hormone (androgen) secreted mainly by the testes Dimensions of Sex Genetic Sex: XX or XY chromosomes Gonadal Sex: Ovaries or testes Hormonal Sex: Predominance of androgens or estrogens Genital Sex: Clitoris and vagina in females Penis and scrotum in males Gender Identity: One’s subjective sense of being male or female Prenatal Sexual Development Androgen Insensitivity:
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Unformatted text preview: – Inherited disorder – Male embryos fail to develop male genitals because of an unresponsiveness to testosterone • Intersexual Person: – One who has dual or ambiguous genital sexuality – Having genitals that suggest both sexes • Androgenital Syndrome: – Genetic abnormality – Adrenals produce excess androgens, sometimes creating a female child with male genitals • Biological Biasing Effect: – Exposure to prenatal androgens and estrogens may influence the body, nervous system, and later behavior patterns...
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Sex Hormones - – Inherited disorder – Male embryos fail...

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