Some More Psychotic Symptoms

Some More Psychotic Symptoms - atrophy of the brain...

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Some More Psychotic Symptoms Flat Affect: Lack of emotional responsiveness; face is frozen in blank expression Disturbed Verbal Communication: Garbled and chaotic speech Word salad Personality Disintegration: Uncoordinated thoughts, actions, and emotions Other Psychotic Disorders Organic Psychosis: Psychosis caused by brain injury or disease Dementia: Most common organic psychosis; serious mental impairment in old age caused by brain deterioration Archaically known as senility Common Causes: Circulatory problems, repeated strokes, and shrinkage and
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Unformatted text preview: atrophy of the brain Alzheimers Disease Symptoms include impaired memory, confusion, and progressive loss of mental abilities Ronald Reagan was perhaps the most famous Alzheimers victim Delusional Disorders Marked by presence of deeply held false beliefs (delusions) May involve delusions of grandeur, persecution, jealousy, or eroticism Experiences could really occur! Paranoid Psychosis: most common delusional disorder Centers on delusions of persecution...
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Some More Psychotic Symptoms - atrophy of the brain...

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