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Some Signs of Child Molestation

Some Signs of Child Molestation - compliance Attitudes and...

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Some Signs of Child Molestation The child fears being seen nude when such fears were previously absent The child develops physical complaints such as headaches and stomach aches (stress symptoms) The child becomes markedly emotional and irritable The child displays anxiety or shame when any reference to sexual behavior is made The child engages in dangerous risk-taking behavior, such as jumping from high places The child reveals self-destructive or suicidal thoughts, or self-blame The child shows a loss of self-esteem or self-worth Tactics of Child Molesters Most act alone Most assaults take place in the abuser’s home Many abusers gain access to the child through caretaking More Tactics of Child Molesters Children are targeted at first through bribes, gifts, and games The abuser tries to lure the child via touch, talking about sex, and persuasion (Can also take place via email or though chat rooms) The abuser then uses force, anger, threats, and bribes to gain continued
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Unformatted text preview: compliance Attitudes and the Crime of Rape • Double Standard: – Applying different rules for judging the appropriateness of male and female sexual behaviors • Acquaintance (Date) Rape: – Forced intercourse that occurs in the context of a date or other voluntary encounter Rape Myths • A woman who appears alone in public and dresses attractively is “asking for it” • When a woman says “No” she really means “Yes” • Many women who are raped actually enjoy it • If a woman goes home with a man on a first date she is interested in sex • If a woman is sexually active, she is probably lying if she says she was raped Forcible Rape • Sexual intercourse that is carried out against the victim’s will, usually under the threat of bodily violence – Rape is a crime of violence, brutality, and aggression – Men can also be subjected to rape...
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Some Signs of Child Molestation - compliance Attitudes and...

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