Split Brains - action Association Cortex All areas of...

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Split Brains Corpus callosum is cut; done to control severe epilepsy (seizure disorder) Result: The person now has two brains in one body This operation is rare and is often used as a last resort Right Brain/Left Brain Humans use 95 percent of our left brain for language Speaking, writing, understanding The Left Hemisphere Left hemisphere better at math, judging time and rhythm, and coordinating order of complex movements Processes information sequentially The Right Hemisphere Right hemisphere good at perceptual skills, and at expressing and detecting other’s emotions Good at recognizing patterns, faces, and melodies Processes information simultaneously and holistically Frontal Lobe Movement, sense of smell, higher mental functions Contains primary motor cortex; controls motor movement Mirror neurons: Contained in motor cortex; become active when motor action is carried out and when another organism is observed carrying out the same
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Unformatted text preview: action Association Cortex All areas of cerebral cortex that are not primarily sensory or motor in function Aphasia Language disturbance resulting from brain damage (think of the word phrase) Brocas Area Related to grammar and pronunciation If damaged, person knows what s/he wants to say but cant say the words Prefrontal Cortex Front of frontal lobes; involved in sense of self, reasoning, and planning Parietal Lobe Just above occipital; bodily sensations such as touch, pain, and temperature (somatosensory area) Primary somatosensory cortex: Receiving area for bodily sensations Temporal Lobe Each side of the brain; auditory center and, for 95 percent of humans, language centers Primary auditory area: Auditory information is first registered here Wernickes Area Related to language comprehension; in left temporal lobe If damaged, person has problems with meanings of words, NOT pronunciation...
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Split Brains - action Association Cortex All areas of...

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