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States of Consciousness

States of Consciousness - loss Rhythms • Sleep Patterns...

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States of Consciousness Altered States and Sleep Consciousness All the sensations, perceptions, memories, and feelings you are aware of in any instant Waking Consciousness: Normal, clear, organized, alertness Altered State of Consciousness (ASC): Changes that occur in quality and pattern of mental activity May be due to sensory overload, unusual physical conditions, and restricted sensory input Sleep Innate, biological rhythm Microsleep: Brief shift in brain-wave patterns similar to those during sleep Sleep Problems Sleep Deprivation: Sleep loss Being deprived of needed amounts of sleep Affects attention, mood, and health Sleep-Deprivation Psychosis: Confusion, disorientation, delusions, and hallucinations that occur because of sleep
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Unformatted text preview: loss Rhythms • Sleep Patterns: – Daily rhythms of sleep and waking • Short sleepers: – People averaging 5 hours of sleep per night • Long sleepers: – People who sleep 9 hours or more per night • Circadian Rhythms: – Bodily changes that occur every 24 hours • Biological Rhythm: – Any repeating cycle of biological activity Measuring Sleep Changes • Electroencephalograph (EEG): – Amplifies and records electrical activity in the brain • Beta Waves: – Small fast brainwaves associated with being alert and awake • Alpha Waves: – Large, slow brainwaves associated with relaxation and falling asleep...
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