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The Scientific Method Six Basic Elements Making observations Defining a problem Operational definitions Proposing a hypothesis An educated guess that can be tested Gathering evidence/testing the hypothesis Publishing results Building a theory Scientific Theory A system of ideas that interrelates facts and concepts, summarizes existing data, and predicts future observations A good theory must be falsifiable i .e. , operationally defined so that it can be disconfirmed History of Psychology: Beginnings Father of Psychology: Wundt set up first lab to study conscious experience
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Unformatted text preview: in Germany Systematically observed and measured various stimuli Introspection: Looking inward (i.e., examining and reporting your thoughts, feelings, etc. ) : Behaviorism Psychology must study observable behavior objectively John B. Watson studied relationship between stimuli and responses Little Albert B.F. Skinner studied animals almost exclusively Believed actions controlled by punishments and rewards...
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