Theories of Hypnosis - Produce age regression Force you to...

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Theories of Hypnosis State Theory: Hypnosis causes a dissociative state Hidden Observer: Detached part of the hypnotized person’s awareness that silently observes events Nonstate Theory: Hypnosis not a distinct state Instead, it is a blend of conformity, relaxation, obedience, imagination, and role-play Autosuggestion Hypnotic Susceptibility How easily a person can be hypnotized Basic Suggestion Effect: Tendency of hypnotized people to carry out suggested actions as though they were involuntary Hypnosis Can Help people relax Reduce pain Get people to make better progress in therapy May enhance memory Hypnosis Cannot Produce acts of superhuman strength
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Unformatted text preview: Produce age regression Force you to do things against your will Stage Hypnosis Simulation of hypnotic effects, done to entertain Tricks of the Hypnosis Trade Waking Suggestibility: People on stage do not want to spoil the act, so they will follow any instruction Selection of Responsive Subjects: Any volunteer who does not get hypnotized in the stage group and does not follow instructions is removed The Hypnosis Label Disinhibits: On stage, once you are in a hypnotic trance, your responsibility for actions is removed; you can do whatever you want!...
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Theories of Hypnosis - Produce age regression Force you to...

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