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Theory (Rotter & Hochreich, 1975) An explanation that combines learning principles, cognition, and the effects of social relationships Psychological Situation: How the person interprets or defines the situation Expectancy: Anticipation that making a response will lead to reinforcement Reinforcement Value: Subjective value attached to a particular activity or reinforcer More Social Learning Theory Concepts Self-Efficacy (Bandura): Capacity for producing a desired result
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Unformatted text preview: • Self-Reinforcement: – Raising or rewarding yourself for having made a particular response • Social-Reinforcement: – Based on praise, attention, or approval from others Miller and Dollard’s Four Critical Childhood Situations • Miller and Dollard propose that four critical situations may leave a lasting imprint on personality: – Feeding – Toilet or cleanliness training – Sex training – Learning to express anger or aggression...
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