Types of Psychologists

Types of Psychologists - Requires masters degree...

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Types of Psychologists Psychologists: Usually have master’s degree or doctorate Trained in methods, knowledge, and theories of psychology Clinical Psychologist: Treats psychological problems or does research on therapies and mental disorders Psychiatrists: A medical doctor (M.D.) Usually use medications to treat problems Generally do not have extensive training in providing “talk” therapy Psychoanalysts: Receive additional training post-Ph.D. or M.D. at an institute for psychoanalysis Some More Helping Professionals Counselor: Advisor who helps solve problems with marriage, school, and so on
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Unformatted text preview: Requires masters degree Psychiatric Social Workers: Many have masters degrees and perform psychotherapy Presently a very popular profession Not all psychologists perform therapy! Experiments To identify cause-and-effect relationships, we conduct experiments Directly vary a condition you might think affects behavior Create two or more groups of subjects, alike in all ways except the condition you are varying Record whether varying the condition has any effect on behavior...
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Types of Psychologists - Requires masters degree...

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