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Simple Periodic Trends - deformable(though mercury(Hg is a...

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Simple Periodic Trends Atomic Number The Atomic number increases from the top left to the bottom right. It ascends sequentially across each period. Atomic Weight Weight The atomic weight of the elements generally increases as you move down a group and across a period. Hydrogen, at the top left of the table, is the lightest element. The unnamed element 112 is the heaviest. There are some instances when this rule does not hold true, however. For instance, because it has a high percentage of isotopes with many neutrons, the atomic weight of tellurium (Te) is higher than that for iodine (I), even though iodine has a higher atomic number. Types of Elements Elements can be organized by group or period, but they also can be placed into three distinct groups: metals, semi-metals, and non-metals. Metals Metals are the pink section on the left side of . Metals are generally lustrous solids, often
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Unformatted text preview: deformable (though mercury (Hg) is a liquid at room temperature). Metals are highly conducive to both heat and electricity. Nonmetals Nonmetals are the blue boxes on the upper right hand of the periodic table. More than half of the non-metals are gaseous at normal temperatures. Semimetals Semimetals are the green boxes on the periodic table. As their transitory name and placement on the periodic table suggest, they exist in between the distinctions of metals and nonmetals. Metals and Nonmetals Most chemical compounds are formed by the interactions between metals and non- metals. Further Periodic Trends Beyond those trends described here, there are a number of further periodic trends such as atomic size, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity....
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