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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #6 Chapter 19 1. Name the four basic parts of a salad. Salad Greens, fruits/vegetables, starches, protein foods Base or underliner, body, garnish, dressing 2. When is salad dressing added to a tossed green salad? Immediately before service or serve it on the side at table 3. What should be done to cut fruits such as apples and peaches to prevent them from discoloring? Dip them into acid, such as tart fruit juice
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What steps should you take to dissolve unflavored gelatin in a large liquid? Stir it into cold liquid to avoid lumping and let it stand for 5 minutes to absorb water. Then heat until dissolved, or add hot liquid and stir until disolved 5. What is the basic ratio of oil to vinegar in Basic French Dressing or Vinaigrette? 1 to 3 3 oil to 1 vinegar Score: 3/5...
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