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The World of Chemistry 1. The science of molecules and their transformations is known as chemistry 2. Give several examples cited in the film where chemistry is involved in the real world. Student answers will vary. 3. The introduction of the lithium battery was important to what medical advance? Heart pacemakers 4. Why is it important to study the molecular structures and chemistry of living systems? Many problem have a molecular basis. 5. The mass of the materials coming out of a factory must be equal to what? The mass of the starting materials (including waste).
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Unformatted text preview: 6. In addition to making new materials, chemists are also interested in what? Investigating nature. 7. What famous chemist discovered the polypeptide structure known as the alpha helix? Linus Pauling 8. Today's powerful microscopes are able to see individual atoms . 9. What tool do scientists often use to study sub-microscopic structures? Models 10. What common compound is formed from sodium metal and chlorine gas? Table salt 11. What common compound is made by reacting salicylic acid with ethyl acetate? Aspirin or acetyl salicylic acid...
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