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blog assignment 3

blog assignment 3 - Assignment 3:Pitch a TV Pilot The TV...

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Assignment 3 :Pitch a TV Pilot The TV show pilot I would like to pitch is entitled "The Blue Badge". It is a sitcom about detectives and a crime investigation crew who have cases that are serious and relative to now, but who in the everyday life are funny. They have the new guy who is partners with the sexy hardcore female detective. There is also the team of detectives that are best friends and are closer than anyone else. They're all friends and have a funny everyday life. In the pilot we will begin to give a little insight to each character's life. In the pilot the case would be of a young teenage girl who is 15 years old, who had been kidnapped. The main characters of the show are. .. Detective DeAnna Sherwood _a detective for the NYCPD. She is sexy, witty and intense, she knows people judge her for being a female in a mainly man's world, so she has her wits, her intelligence and the fact that she is good at what she does. She leads her unit but still has someone who she is training and who she primarily works with. Detective Graham Casey _a detective who has just passed the detectives exam and has joined the NYCPD. He has always been the slick Romeo kind of guy. He is constantly trying to hit on his superior Sherwood, and is always shot down, despite his obvious charm, and the obvious attraction between them. He shows that he is new to this unit all the time but being confused but yet still helps solve hard cases.
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Detective Nick Sanchez _He is the jock kind of guy who's funny, and in a complete bromance with his
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blog assignment 3 - Assignment 3:Pitch a TV Pilot The TV...

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