Response Paper Informative Speech (Sample)

Response Paper Informative Speech (Sample) - Speech 120...

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Speech 120 Patrick Moe What I liked about my speech was the topic itself. It is something which I have just recently started to like and is very glad that I could be so passionate about it. The week before when we discussed the outlines in groups, another student already seemed to be interested in IFGF, which made me even more confident that I would be able to deliver it well. According to the critic sheet, my whole delivery is proved to be excellent since I got all plusses. However, for my introduction, body of speech, conclusion and the overall impact, I can see that I am lacking in some areas. I was very nervous when I stood in front, but I’m glad that it wasn’t noticeable at all and appeared confidently. I don’t tend to look a lot at the paper as well and was able to make eye- contact with the audience. I avoided holding anything since there might be a possibility that my hand was shaking too bad and that it would show right away. Thus, I appeared to be more confident than I actually was. I thought that the introduction and conclusion were quite connected to each other since I stated I
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Response Paper Informative Speech (Sample) - Speech 120...

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