Response Paper Persuasive Speech (Sample)

Response Paper Persuasive Speech (Sample) - Speech 120...

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Speech 120 Patrick Moe I liked the topic of my speech which is about the accreditation issue of Diablo Valley College. I think that it’s a topic which the whole class can relate to. The speech has some points which were better or worse than the previous speech I gave. What I liked is that I have used a lot of sources and cited them in the speech in a good way, unlike my informative speech. I originally looked for 4 sources, but apparently I have included more than just 4 without really realizing it. I think that my delivery was good as well since I got good responses from the class. I was speaking clearly, loudly and understandable so that the whole class could follow whatever I was saying. Even though I was nervous, I tried not to show it. I could feel my hands shake a little though when I was grabbing a paper or turning around a page. But besides that, I think that no one realized how nervous I was. Another thing I liked is how I was able to show the logos, pathos and ethos while I only
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Response Paper Persuasive Speech (Sample) - Speech 120...

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