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The Young and the Jobless” WSJ October 3-4 ; page A12 . 1- How high is the minimum wage rate?: a. $5.25 b. $6.50 c: $7.25 d: $14 2- What percentage of working Americans earns minimum wage? a. 25% b: 10% c: 85% d:1.1% 3- What was the teen unemployment rate for September 2009? a. 10% b. 25.9% c. 50% d. 39.2% 4- How many jobs were expected to be lost when the minimum wage was increased by 70cents an hour? a. 300,000 b. 263,000 c. 175,000 d. job gain occurred
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Unformatted text preview: 5-Which group of teenagers experienced the highest unemployment rate? a. White males b. Black males c. Hispanic females d. Asian males 6-Which state has the highest unemployment? a. California b. Ohio c. Hawaii d. Massachusetts 7-What are the benefits of working as a teenager? a. Getting an income b. Improves their future job potential c. They become more productive d. All of the above...
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