Study Guide 3 - BIO 101 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 3 Using your...

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BIO 101 STUDY GUIDE – EXAM 3 Using your lecture notes , define the vocabulary terms and answer the questions. Processes should be described. Always use your own words. It is much more difficult to memorize information that is not written in your own wording! If you have any questions, please email me or ask in class for clarification. Your time is valuable. Make sure you spend it studying correct and complete information. Cellular Reproduction – Meiosis and Sex Cell Cycle 1. Vocabulary Meiosis I Meiosis II 1N 2N haploid diploid gametes zygote homologous chromosomes corresponding chromosomes, one from each parent, which contain the same genes chiasmata Observable regions in which nonsister chromatids of homologous chromosomes cross-over each other. crossing over independent assortment interkinesis spermatogenesis oogenesis random fertilization 1. What do the terms haploid and diploid and relative chromosome number (1N or 2N) mean? Know how to tell the difference between a haploid cell and a diploid cell during meiosis. Diploid cell (2N): A cell with pairs of homologous chromosomes. Haploid cell (1N): Cell containing exactly one of each chromosome 2. What exactly are kinetochores and centromeres? 3. Understand the stages/phases of meiosis and be able to recognize each stage by photo/graphic and description.
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4. Describe the difference between meiosis to produce sperm and meiosis to produce eggs. Spermatogenesis: Haploid cell consist of 4 sperms Oogenesis: Creates haploid cells with 1 egg & 3 polar bodies during secondary oocycle 5. What are the major sources of genetic variation in asexual reproduction (one source) and sexual reproduction (2 sources in meiosis and 1 source o/s meiosis) Asexual: Sexual: - Parental cells
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Study Guide 3 - BIO 101 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 3 Using your...

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