English Essay #1 Unhappy Family (Sample)

English Essay #1 Unhappy Family (Sample) - In this world...

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In this world, everyone could agree about the basic principle of a perfect family: a hardworking father, a caring mother and the angelic little sons and daughters, all living in the perfect neighborhood with a promised future in front of them. The fact is that nothing in this world is as close to this picture perfect. This is because every family will once in a while encounter a problem that can drive the whole family apart and build anger and hatred instead. It is up to the family themselves to solve their dispute. However, if nothing is done to solve the problem, it will simply result in an unhappy family. The most common reason why the family is not in a perfect harmony is that parents do not care about their children. They are so selfish enough to think that their own life is more important than those of their children. They go along with their daily routines and prioritize career and money over family. Most of the times, they are on business trips or at work and are therefore rarely at home. When the child tries to have a talk with their parents, the most common answer they will hear is most probably: “Later honey, I’m busy now”. But even after a few hours or even days, the kids will still receive the same answer. The fact is that these parents are not making enough effort to find time for their kids and simply neglect it. Perhaps they do not even care what the children are trying to say to them. They show no interest in communicating with their children. They are ignoring their duties as a parent and as a result, the children will slowly drift away from their parents. The answer to the problem is not that you should listen to them every single time and give them
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English Essay #1 Unhappy Family (Sample) - In this world...

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